Ankle Pain Treatment in Debary

From exercise and physical activity to basic daily movements, the ankles take on a great amount of wear and tear. In many cases, people assume general ankle pain is a normal part of life, and work around the pain. However, pain is a signal from the body that something is not right and needs to be addressed.

​The ankle is the joint that meets when the bones of the lower leg meet with the talus of the foot. Composed of bones, ligaments, and tendons, the ankle can become sore or injured very easily and in many ways.

Causes of Ankle Pain


The most common form of ankle injury is a sprain. These types of injuries can take place by rolling the ankle in or out. When the ankle becomes sprained, the ligaments on the opposite side become pulled and overstretched. The best way to heal from a sprained ankle is to address the injury as soon as possible.

Fractures and Dislocations

Ankle fractures or dislocations are also common and painful ankle injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, other treatment options are postponed until partial healing has been established. Once the injury has had a portion of time to heal, we are able to provide treatment options that can increase the speed of the remaining healing and prevent post-healing problems in the area.

Ankle Injury Treatments

There are several therapies that health in motion chiropractic offers which can speed up the healing process.


In our office, we utilize Cryotherapy, which is a way to decrease inflammation, promote new blood to the area which aids in overall tissue health, and repair and relieve pain. For an acute injury like an ankle sprain, cryotherapy can be very effective.

Graston Therapy

One of the most effective therapies that we offer is Graston therapy. By working through muscle and surrounding areas, we can release any scar tissue that has formed and facilitate proper tissue alignment and repair. This can be especially effective after a severe injury because built-up scar tissue can worsen over time and lead to continued issues and pain years later.

Graston therapy can also be very effective for the ankles after surgery. Just like with fractures, scar tissue after surgery is common and can cause pain as well as alter your gait. Receiving Graston therapy post-surgery will have great results in the long-term recovery process and results will be noticed in daily movements.

Platelet Rich Plasma

In some cases, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections may be the best option for your ankle pain treatment in Debary and recovery. Plasma, taken from your own blood and concentrated in a centrifuge is full of proteins, growth factors, and cytokines that can help your body make new cells.

At Health in Motion Chiropractic and Wellness, our nurse practitioner will inject PRP into your injured area to help your body grow new healthy tissue, repair tears, decrease inflammation, improve degeneration, and overall heal your painful or injured area.

PRP can also help treat a variety of conditions, especially those related to your feet and ankle joints, muscles, and tendons. Common conditions that a PRP injection may improve include:

  • Sprains/strains

  • Tendinitis/tendinosis

  • Arthritis

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Pulled muscles

  • Tendon injuries

  • Ankle ligament injuries

  • Injuries or pain you experience after foot or ankle surgery

Ankle Pain Treatment from Health in Motion Chiropractic

For general ankle pain treatment in Debary and overuse, our doctor will analyze the area and determine if an adjustment is appropriate or needed. An ankle adjustment is quick and gentle and can mobilize the ankle and provide pain relief. This can be especially useful for athletes or individuals who are moving a lot. As we age, our joints stiffen, and the adjustments can provide relief from stiffness and pain.

Overall, chiropractic care and regenerative medicine therapies can be very beneficial for all forms of ankle injuries, pain, and stiffness. There are options for your condition and you don’t have to continue to live in pain. Call today to book an appointment and begin treatment!

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