Knee Pain Treatments

From an early age, our knees begin working hard in many different aspects. Knee pain treatments may be required if knee problems continue to occur. They are our shock absorbers for the lower limbs and bear a heavy load. We depend on our knees in order to get around, stay active and enjoy life. Knee pain is not only limited to athletes, it has been known to affect all types of individuals for numerous reasons.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

One of the most common causes of knee pain is ligament injury. Your femur, which is the upper leg bone, is connected to the tibia and fibula, the two lower leg bones, by ligaments. The ACL, PCL, and MCL are the knee ligaments that can often develop tendonitis from overuse or become sprained or torn. The meniscus is a cartilage in the knee that also can tear and becomes more likely to degenerate and fray as we age.

Knee Ligament Injuries Symptoms

Symptoms of a ligament or cartilage tear include an abrupt pain, a sudden “pop” in the knee, instability or the knee giving out, and swelling. These tears can occur from shifting weight quickly, landing from a jump improperly, a sudden stop, and many more.

Types of Treatment for Knee Pain

In some cases, depending on the severity of the injury, surgery is required. For others, many natural remedies can provide relief. Icing and local cryotherapy is a great option to decrease pain, inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Cryotherapy for Knee Pain

At Health in Motion Chiropractic, we offer these great services. Local Cryotherapy for knee pain, a form of treatment that utilizes liquid nitrogen to create a very cold vapor that can decrease the temperature of the injured area which decreases inflammation and stimulates the healing process.

Graston Technique Knee

We also offer Graston technique for knee pain which helps break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions to increase mobility, stimulate healing and decrease pain. Stretches and mobility exercises may also be recommended in the office to enhance the healing process.

Knee Massage Therapy

Surprisingly, in many situations, pain in the knee originates all the way from the hip. The IT band is a muscle that originates from the outside of the hip and extends down to the outside of the knee. When this muscle becomes extremely tight, it can rub against bone and cause the knee to experience sharp or tight pain.

Other muscles of the thigh can become tight and cause the knee to hurt as well. Our therapeutic massage therapists are skilled in treating muscle imbalances and sports injuries. They incorporate the latest massage therapy for the knee to decrease pain and improve flexibility.

Stretches, and Dynamic Exercises

If the knee begins experiencing pain without injury, stretching the thigh and hip muscles may be a good place to start. For the quads, balance on one leg and bring the foot of the painful leg behind so that the heel approximates towards the buttock.

For the hamstrings, something as simple as sitting on the ground with the legs extended forward and reaching to touch the toes can be very effective. Lunges, calf stretches, and simple dynamic movements can allow the muscles to relax and decrease pain.

Natural Supplementations

Depending on the situation, supplementation may also provide relief. Willow bark, ginger, turmeric, fish oil, and glucosamine are just a few options that have been shown to provide knee pain relief medicine and decrease inflammation.

PRP Therapy for Knee

One of the best options that we have for treating knee pain is PRP therapy. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a process in which a very small amount of blood is taken from the body, the platelets are concentrated and then put into the painful or injured joint or tissue.

This process of PRP for knee pain has been shown to increase the natural healing process of the body, taking advantage of the body’s healing cells. Platelets act as messengers and draw growth factors, cytokines, and new cells to the area. Incredible results have been experienced by this new therapy which is accessible in our office through our medical staff.

We also offer Hyaluronic acid injections for the knee. Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural cushion and lubricant in knees that have been worn down. This lubricant can help make painful joints move more smoothly, reducing discomfort and helping improve function.

Knee Pain Treatments in Debary and Surrouding Areas

If left untreated, knee pain may continue to get worse over time. There are many options that Health In Motion Chiropractic offers, so call our office today to find out which knee pain treatment would be best for your case, and start your healing journey today! We have found that it is best to diagnose and treat your condition as quickly as possible so that further damage does not begin.

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