Dr. Jenette Auchter

portrait of Dr. Jenette Auchter in her chiropractic clinic

Your Chiropractor in Debary, Dr. Auchter 

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Biology from Christopher Newport University, Doctor Auchter became a Chiropractor after graduating Magnum Cum Lade from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She has always been interested in health and how the body works through biomechanics, addressing movement and systems biology, looking at the interaction of all the body systems and how our lifestyle factors contribute to the expression of our genes.  
While in Chiropractic School, Dr. Auchter was the president of the Motion Palpation Club and heavily involved with the Motion Palpation Institute, attending numerous seminars and becoming skilled in a variety of chiropractic adjusting techniques.  Dr. Auchter is Graston Technique certified which addresses the soft tissue component of the body, successfully treating shoulder, elbow, knee and foot pain. She often hears from her patients how much they appreciate her thorough and  effective treatment methods to decrease pain and improve joint motion. 
Another technique used by Dr. Auchter is the Functional Movement Systems. Putting her clients through a diagnostic screening, she is able to break down dysfunctional movement patterns to find whether the cause of pain is due to muscle and joint restrictions or to a disconnect between the brain and motor control.   
Dr. Auchter is Webster Technique-certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. She enjoys treating mothers to be and children of all ages.  
Getting To Know Your Chiropractor
Our Chiropractor, Dr. Auchter, enjoys the outdoors, sports, cross fit, kayaking, and yoga.  She also has a love for healthy eating and believes that not only is movement medicine but food is medicine as well. Her passion for health and wellness originally started with a realization of its ability to improve her own life too. This passion is passed onto our patients in Debary and the surrounding areas. 
Dr. Auchter has gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise in her years of practice.  She is looking forward to utilizing this knowledge to assist her clients with their health care goals. 
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