Massage Therapy in Debary

Chiropractic and massage therapy in Debary y go hand in hand when it comes to restoring mobility and alleviating pain. Massage is also beneficial for lymphatic flow and clearing of toxins from the body which increases your overall health. When you utilize both massage and chiropractic therapies together it can make a significant difference in speeding up your healing process and getting you out of pain fast.

What’s the difference between chiropractic and massage therapy?

Massage targets the musculoskeletal structures such as soft tissue, facia, muscles, and tendons whereas chiropractic targets more of the skeletal structure, the nervous system, and harder tissues such as discs, deep trigger points, and scar tissue. When these services are used together all areas are addressed and the patient responds much faster.

Massage therapy focuses on muscles, tendons, soft tissue, and ligaments to bring blood flow to the tissues that ultimately relaxes them. Your massage therapist uses a wide variety of techniques to get restricted and tight areas to loosen up. It can alleviate pain, increase range of motion, decrease the risk of injury, and even boost your athletic or daily performance. Massage helps increase blood flow which helps bring oxygen to the areas that have tension and are lacking essential nutrients in order to recover. Often muscles become deoxygenated due to a lack of blood flow and this causes a soreness around the muscles. Massage can help restore the blood flow and begin the recovery process for those muscles. After a few treatments that sore feeling goes away. Overall the massage or manual therapy should leave you feeling less tense and rejuvenated.

Massages Compliment Chiropractic Care

massage therapy in debary

Many of our patients wonder what massage therapy in Debary can do to complement their chiropractic treatments. Massage, as was mentioned before helps relax the musculoskeletal structure. Sometimes tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or a combination of all of them become restricted. When this restriction happens it doesn’t just affect the muscles and ligaments but there is also a pulling tension placed on the skeletal structure as well. If the restriction is happening anywhere near the spine (which is an area that is constantly placed under stress), the muscles or tissues can pull so tight that the chiropractic adjustment may be more difficult. If something like this happens it is critical to do massage with your chiropractic treatments so that you may receive the full benefit from your treatment sessions. For some patients that are very sore or have areas of hypersensitivity, starting with the massage may make your chiropractic adjustment much more effective.

How Your Our Chiropractor Can Help You

To some people, it may feel like forever, but once you finally break the repetitive pain cycle and begin to reach a level of relief you may want to make sure that you maintain this newfound ease of enjoying life pain-free! We sometimes see that once are patients have reached improvement, they stop their chiropractic treatments. It is very important that once you start seeing the finish line that you continue the necessary steps to maintain this new level of function. Improvement is always something to celebrate, but if you do not finish out your treatment or maintain your body once you have found relief, you could find yourself back in the same situations when you first started, after all, most of us continue to do the things that may have caused the injury in the first place.

Once you have found relief it is important to continue to come in for maintenance care so that you can continue to do the things you love to do. Like any car or machine, it needs maintenance to be able to perform at its best. Keeping up with your body once you finally reach your pain-free goal is almost as important as coming in for your initial visit, especially if you want to keep old injuries away and keep new ones from holding you back in life. Continuing chiropractic care and massage therapy in Debary together can help achieve your pain-free goals and help you control your life. Don’t let pain hold you back, contact us today!

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