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Neck pain affects over half of the population at some point in their life. Your chiropractor, Doctor Auchter, treats neck pain effectively without surgery. Neck pain is second only to lower back pain as a cause of lost workdays. Neck pain can have a number of causes, including injury due to accidents, poor posture, lack of strength in core muscles, obesity, and degenerative conditions due to age, like osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, or spinal stenosis.

Causes of Neck Pain

One of the most common causes of neck pain our chiropractor sees comes from a slightly misaligned or restricted joint in your neck. Your neck is made up of seven bones stacked on top of each other with a soft “disc” between each segment to allow for flexibility. Normally, each joint in your neck should move freely and independently.

When we have on or more segments that are not moving properly we call this condition “cervical segmental joint restriction” which can cause inflammation between the joints and lead to “facet syndrome”. To help visualize this, imagine a healthy neck functioning like a big spring moving freely in every direction. A neck with a joint restriction is like having a section of that spring welded together. The spring may still move as a whole, but a portion of it is no longer functioning properly.

Neck Pain and Neck Restrictions

Joint restrictions can develop in many ways. Sometimes they are brought on by an accident or an injury. Some injuries can be the result from a car crash or auto accident. Generally, this is referred to as Whiplash.

Other times, they develop from repetitive motion or poor posture. Restricted joints give rise to a self-perpetuating cycle of discomfort. Joint restrictions cause swelling and inflammation, which triggers muscular guarding and spasms leading to more restriction.

Since your spine functions as a unit, rather than as isolated pieces, a joint restriction in one area of your spine often causes “compensatory” problems in another. Think of this as a rowboat with multiple oarsmen on each side. When one rower quits, the others are placed under additional stress and can become overworked.

​Joint restrictions most commonly cause local tenderness and discomfort. You may notice that your range of motion is limited. Moving your head and neck may increase your discomfort. Pain from a restricted joint often trickles down to your shoulders and upper back. Headaches, light-headedness and/or jaw problems may result from joint restrictions in your upper neck.

​Chiropractors know that Long-standing restrictions are thought to result in arthritis - much like the way a slightly misaligned wheel on your car causes premature wearing of your tire. Fortunately, chiropractic care has been shown to be the safest and most effective treatment for joint restrictions.

Herniated Disc and Neck Pain

Another common cause of neck pain is pain from a disc lesion or Herniated Disc. A disc is made up of two basic components. The inner disc, called the “nucleus”, is like a ball of jelly. This jelly is held in place by the outer part of the disc called the “annulus”, which is wrapped around the inner nucleus much like a ribbon wrapping around your finger. The term “cervical disc lesion” means that your disc has been damaged. Certain occupations or activities may place you at a greater risk, especially if you spend extended periods of time sitting, driving or looking down. Improper sleep positions, frequent heavy lifting, and cigarette smoking may also increase your risk.

Research have shown that disc bulges and joint restrictions may be successfully managed with conservative care like the type we provide at Health in Motion Chiropractic.

​If you are suffering from neck pain in Debary or any of the surrounding areas, our chiropractor, Dr. Auchter at Health In Motion Chiropractic, has numerous techniques that will bring you fast and effective relief of your symptoms and heal the underlying cause of pain. There is no need to continue suffering. If you may think you experience something other that which is mentioned here, check out our page dedicated to the condition

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