Best Treatment After a Car Accident In Debary and Surrounding Areas

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If you have been involved in a car accident, there are many factors that you have to take care of, but the most important is your health, which is why medical care is at the top of the list. This is true whether someone hit you or if you were at fault, either way, you may have sustained injuries that need to be ad

dressed as soon as possible.

Even what seems to be a minor injury or a small impact should be evaluated by a chiropractic physician, so that something that appears minor does not become major in the weeks, months or years ahead.

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What Are Some Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car accident injuries can range from life-threatening to minor bruises or even non-visual soft tissue injuries. Fortunately, minor injuries are more common, but all injuries should be taken seriously. Serious injuries, such as broken bones, are evident right away and the need for medical treatment is obvious, but less severe injuries may not manifest themselves until hours or days after an accident.

These types of injuries can include strains and sprains commonly known as soft tissue injuries. Other types of injuries can include

•Back Pain

•Headaches & Migraines

•Herniated Disc

•Neck Pain

•Pinched Nerves


When injuries do manifest, have them checked out by our physician at Health In Motion Chiropractic.

Should I See A Doctor After A Car Accident?

There are numerous options for car accident treatment ranging from an ER visit if you need immediate emergency medical care or you can choose to see a Chiropractor for all non-life threatening musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

If you feel you have a serious car accident injury while at the scene of the accident, either call or ask for an ambulance, or go to the hospital yourself as soon as possible. Do not let the extent of the accident dictate what you do. You may be able to walk away from a serious accident without a scratch or you may suffer injuries in accidents that seem minor.

Medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and numerous other medical providers may be treatment options for you. The most important thing is to get checked out and follow the advice of your physicians.

Conservative Chiropractic Treatment Options

chiropractor adjusting a female's lower back

There are many different treatment options for car accidents depending on your injury. It is always the best idea to start on the conservative side which will provide relief with far fewer side effects and risks to your health. Chiropractic and Physical Therapy are two great options. Chiropractors can diagnose and treat your injuries as well as manage your injury case to make sure that you receive the best treatment to resolve your injuries. Chiropractors are also able to send out for imaging to visually see the extent of your injuries through an MRI or Xray.

Chiropractors provide many great treatment options and take a holistic approach to your car accident injuries, these include manipulation, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, traction or decompression, electric muscle stimulation. A chiropractor can also recommend diet, supplement and lifestyle changes to help speed up recovery.

Depending on your injuries you may need to see a neurosurgeon, orthopedist, or pain management doctor all of which your chiropractor can refer you to and co-manage your case.

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