How Personal Training Can Reduce Injuries, Illnesses, and More

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Most everyone should know by now that a “magic pill” for physical health, weight loss, and being able to maintain one’s vitality was invented ages ago. That pill is something every human is born with and doesn’t need to be sold in stores. That pill is the ability to exercise.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it is that no matter how many billions of dollars pharmaceutical companies pour into their products, none of them will ever be better than simply making choices that are conducive to good health and eliminating comorbidities.

Expand Your Lifespan

I find when people make the decision to be healthy, they bombard themselves with too much, too fast, and fizzle out into frustration. In my opinion, that starts with exercise. My recommendation is people should first prioritize moving more and exercising rather than worrying about changing their diet. I look at it like this: When you decide to start exercising, you are adding to your life.

A lot of people know in order to lose weight, they need to eat less food and make smarter food decisions overall. For some people that is “taking away” from their life. I would rather you add exercise first. I find for my clients it is easier for them to change their nutrition habits after a month or so of being consistent with exercise rather than trying to change both things at once. Trying to make two drastic changes at once is always harder than just making one.

Benefits that Personal Trainer Can Only Provide

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Making the decision to have a personal trainer, where you get support, accountability, and understanding on how to ease into your training is a piece of the puzzle that can be critical to your success. Your personal trainer sets a personalized plan up for you, taking away the guessing and the confusion all the while helping you reach your goals.

Make An Outline

A Personal trainer will give you guidance on what exercises to be doing, how much, and when. . .etc. Exercise can be intimidating and difficult to start, especially if you are someone who has little to no experience exercising in the past.

Always Start With an Assessment

Using a personal trainer (especially one who uses a thorough assessment and onboarding process) can ensure you greatly reduce your risk of injuring yourself either in your exercise regimen or in your everyday life activities. Your trainer should assess your flexibility, mobility, strength imbalances, and be able to coach you on how to do things with proper technique. Any one of those factors can contribute to your success or create injuries and pain, this is why the assessment is so critical before beginning your routine.

Programming Workouts

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Many times people make the decision to be healthy and change their lives only to be frustrated by joint pain or the lack of understanding when it comes to programming workouts.

Most everyone has a basic understanding that in order to build muscle, strength, and bone density you should lift weights, right? Everyone also knows in order to improve cardiovascular health, you need to do some sort of cardiovascular exercise, right? Well, what if you need both? How do you know which to prioritize? How many days per week should I do one or the other? Which order should you do them in? How do I make sure I don’t overdo it on one side which will lead to detriment on the other side? Luckily there are professionals out there who want to and can help you.

Educate Yourself

Your personal trainer should understand what your current anatomical limitations are and be able to maximize the effectiveness of the workouts and work on your weaknesses at the same time. Your trainer might even find limitations you didn’t know you had that have been contributing to an ache or pain you have been having for quite some time. In some cases, it may be beneficial to see a chiropractor help with your injuries and or lack of mobility in order to assist in your goals with your personal trainer.

A Good Personal Trainer

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A good personal trainer should also recognize what kind of exercise you need to prioritize in order to help reverse various metabolic diseases. For example, someone who is suffering from hypertension or has blood sugar issues should have workouts prioritized that improve their work capacity.

When you find the right personal trainer, you will find someone who can prevent not only skeletal injury but also help to prevent metabolic diseases. Believe it or not, the right type of exercise can reduce and possibly even eliminate your need for medication. That means no more doctor visits and no more side effects!

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