Choosing the Right Chiropractor After A Car Accident

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A car accident, whether big or small, can affect many aspects of your life. The stress of it all can increase your pain and add time to the healing process. Your healthcare should not add to your stress, but rather provide some relief to your situation. It’s imperative to choose a chiropractor that has a good understanding of how to work with you and your injuries properly.

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Attorneys will often recommend a chiropractor to their clients after a car accident. While this can be very helpful, it is important to know that it is 100% your decision to pick the healthcare provider that you feel will be the best provider for your injuries. You, as the patient, need to feel comfortable with the decision and know that the doctor is the right fit for you. An essential piece of this puzzle is knowing what exactly to look for in your chiropractor. While cost is a big factor in this decision, our chiropractors at Health in Motion Chiropractic have worked with car insurance companies, attorneys, and car accident patients and are able to give you the best care possible to get you back pain-free and doing all the things you love without the added stress of cost. There are a few other qualities that you will want to take into consideration when making the decision on which chiropractor to see after your auto accident.

Comfortable Facility

The environment of the office is more important than you may initially think. Feeling relaxed and at peace during your appointments will help your muscles to relax during treatment which will allow your body to respond to the care better and heal quicker. Of course, you want to enjoy the office that you are in and feel comfortable during your appointments. This includes the doctor, the staff you see in the office, the cleanliness and energy in the space, and how you feel when you are in the office.

Seeing a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

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When choosing a chiropractor, there are many key factors that can accelerate your healing process. A chiropractor who takes their time on the initial appointment to get to the source of pain rather than just immediately treating you is very important. By doing an initial exam, the chiropractor can determine the proper care plan to properly treat your specific condition. This process can not only be informative for the doctor, but also for you. Finding a doctor who will also refer out for imaging when appropriate to properly diagnose your condition is also very important in order to receive the proper care. With the proper diagnosis and treatment plan, It can provide you with a sense of relief to have an idea of what is going on with your body.

Customized Care Plan

A doctor who creates a personalized care plan for you based on your specific case and situation is another factor to take into consideration when choosing your chiropractor. Your therapeutic modalities, adjustments, and appointment schedule should all be personalized around your case. Not having a personalized care plan can be more harmful than beneficial in some cases. Each body is different, and requires a different type of care, especially after a car accident.

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Chiropractic alone has done amazing things for people and is a great tool for many cases. Having additional support to pair with your adjustments, such as spinal decompression, therapeutic modalities, exercises, and medical massages, are a great way to accelerate healing and get to the root cause of your injuries. Seeing a chiropractor who adds to the care plan is something to keep in mind. If healing is the end goal of the treatment plan, a good chiropractor will take into consideration different types of care that can be added to your plan to provide you with relief and quick recovery time. In the same way, it is of significance for your chiropractor to know when an additional form of treatment is not recommended and should be avoided.

Providing the Best Results

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Another important thing to take into consideration when choosing a chiropractor is simply how you feel after your appointments and as you move along in your care plan. Soreness is very common with care, but feeling good overall is the purpose of treatment. Being able to communicate how you feel to your chiropractor and having them make the proper adjustments to your preference does matter. You want to see progress happening as you receive care. Changes do not happen overnight, but you do want to see small improvements each week. Even if you are not initially seeing results, having a chiropractor who understands this and makes modifications to your appointments is something that should be taking place. You want to find a chiropractor who takes a team approach and can refer you out to the appropriate specialist when necessary. Whether it is physical therapy, pain management, or possibly a surgery consult, a team approach is always the best option.

Selecting a Chiropractor

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the chiropractor you see after a car accident is your choice. If you are not happy with the care you receive, you have the option to choose a different chiropractor who is a better fit for you. Be patient with your care plan and know that chiropractic care is a great option to address your injuries and accelerate the healing process after a car accident.

Searching for a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

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Look into several different chiropractic offices in your area, call the office and ask questions or ask your friends or family for a referral. If your attorney recommends an office for treatment, take the time to look into that office yourself to make sure you are getting the best care possible for your injuries. After all, you do want to make sure that you get the appropriate care so that you do not run the risk of accelerated degeneration and more pain down the road if your injuries are not treated properly.

At our clinic Health in Motion Chiropractic, we strive to bring you the best care possible overall and ensure that your experience with us is a positive and pleasant one. Call today for more information or to book your appointment!

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