What Conditions PRP Therapy Treats and Benefits From

doctor with surgical gloves on holding test tube for prp therapy

Pain and injury can be life-altering and cause individuals to discontinue their regular activities. In many cases, the treatment options are disappointing and do not provide the wanted results. PRP therapy is a groundbreaking treatment that has provided many individuals with relief of long- and short-term pain and damage. Learn more about the conditions PRP Therapy treats.

doctor injecting on a joint tendon for prp treatment

Conditions PRP Therapy is Beneficial To

PRP therapy treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that has proven to be successful in many areas. By utilizing the platelets in the plasma, which are found in our blood, natural growth factors work to repair damaged tissue and provide relief from many issues associated with tissue damage. This has been life-changing for many individuals and continues to prove to be a great option in many cases.

PRP Therapy for Elbow and Tendon Issues

Tendon issues such as Achilles tendonitis, elbow tendon issues such as golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow, and any knee, wrist, or shoulder tendon issues can be problematic for many years. While therapy options can provide relief, the underlying cause is not being treated.

Tendinitis is the result of damaged tissue often due to overuse, and if the tissue is not repaired, the problem will continue. This can be devastating for athletes or people who enjoy being active. Studies have shown PRP therapy to be an effective treatment option for healing damaged tissue.

Doctor injecting a prp treatment on a patients knee

Treats Muscle and Ligament Issues

Muscle and ligament issues are another common problem that can be treated with PRP therapy. Whether it is a muscle tear or strain, the pain and recovery can be challenging. Since muscle complaints can be a common issue for athletes, many have utilized PRP as a treatment option to quickly heal and relieve the problem and allow the individual to continue regular activity shortly after.

PRP for Post-Surgery Pain

After surgery, there is often stress and damage to surrounding tissues. The healing process can also be long and challenging after surgery. For some specific types of surgeries, such as rotator cuff repair or ACL repair, PRP can provide additional relief post-surgery.

The nurse practitioner or doctor who will be performing the PRP treatment will examine the individual and determine if PRP will be beneficial for their specific case.

man's face in pain on a knee - arthritis concept

PRP Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative form of arthritis and can cause pain and lack of mobility over time. Since PRP is a form of regenerative medicine, relief can be found by utilizing this treatment. After a few PRP sessions, the individual should be able to notice positive changes in pain and movement ability.

The Solution Pain & Degeneration? – PRP Therapy

After meeting with the practitioner and getting an evaluation, a specific plan will be created to provide the best results in each case. PRP is an effective solution for pain and degeneration and is something to consider for increased movement and quality of life.

Now that you’ve known the conditions PRP therapy treats, you can get this amazing non-surgical treatment option from Health In Motion’schiropractor in Debary, FL. You may visit them to know more information regarding this natural pain relief option.

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